Why does kim kardashian regret vampire facial?

When Kardashian West had her vampire facial, she admitted in a blog post that she regretted it, explaining that the procedure was rough and painful. Just last year, Kim published a post on her old blog explaining how she regrets getting a vampire facial, but Kourtney was still a fan of the treatment. She revealed last year in her now-deleted app that she never underwent the bloody procedure again and calls it one of her biggest beauty regrets. If you've ever watched an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you know that Kim constantly undergoes painful cosmetic treatments in the name of beauty, such as getting stretch marks laser-removed from her tits, but apparently, even the master of “beauty is pain” draws a line somewhere.

It's been three years, but the photos of Kim Kardashian West's infamous Vampire Facial are still making as big a buzz as the day she was seen covered in blood on national television for the sake of beauty, of course. Kardashian West for a portion of the proceeds from the procedure, even though she was never asked to endorse it. Kardashian contacted Runels and her trademark lawyer to demand that she stop using her name and likeness without her consent, not only did she refuse to remove her photos and references to her; she had the recklessness to demand that she pay her,” it read. Kim's lawyer also alleges that Dr.

Runels, who refers to himself as the 'Doctor of Orgasm' and the 'Calvin Klein of Medicine', had already been asked to remove the photos and his name and, although he denied his request, he also asked him for money. In a recent blog post, Kardashian West shared the story behind that time she got a vampire facial and sparked an internet craze over the skincare trend. In a particularly memorable episode, Kardashian found herself as a guinea pig for the terrifying beauty treatment known as the Vampire Facial. If he hadn't been filming Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, there's a chance that Kardashian would have backed out before the facial was completed.

Kardashian West, a self-proclaimed lover of any treatment that makes her skin look and feel soft, does recognize the benefits of PRP facials if she can handle it. The documents went on to confess that while Kim and her sister Kourtney “received” Vampire Facials and was seen on the show, it was years ago and the sisters “never licensed their name in connection with the procedure. According to documents obtained by PEOPLE, which were filed under the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Kim, 39, filed the lawsuit against Charles Runels, M.

Kourtney Kardashian still loves getting her blood facials despite sister Kim Kardashian's current vampire facial West is suing. Vampire facial treatment involves drawing blood, separating platelets in a centrifuge, and then injecting that plasma rich in growth factors into the face with a microneedle tool to ideally help generate collagen.

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