Kim Kardashian's Vampire Facial: What You Need to Know

Kim Kardashian West has been making headlines lately for her lawsuit against an Alabama doctor who used her name and image to promote a facial treatment without her permission. The treatment, known as the Vampire Facial, has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin fibers, making skin smoother and clearer. But what exactly is the Vampire Facial and why is Kim suing? Read on to find out.The Vampire Facial, invented by Charles Runels, is a procedure that uses a patient's own blood and a microneedle technique with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to rejuvenate the skin. It has earned its nickname due to the fact that it involves drawing the patient's own blood and reintroducing the plasma into the skin.

The procedure was made famous when Kim Kardashian West posted a selfie covered in blood after receiving it.Despite the intimidating name, Dr. Kashlan assures that it is one of the safest treatments you can do. Kim's lawyer alleges that Dr. Runels had already been asked to remove the photos and his name from his website, but he refused and even asked for money.

This prompted Kim to file a lawsuit against him for using her name and image without her permission.Kourtney Kardashian still loves getting her blood facials despite her sister's current lawsuit. Kim herself recognizes the benefits of PRP facials if she can handle it. However, she has never licensed her name in connection with the procedure.So if you're considering getting a Vampire Facial, make sure you do your research first. It's important to find a qualified professional who can provide you with safe and effective treatments.

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