What to avoid after vampire facial?

Things to Avoid After a Vampire FacialExcessive sun exposure, Use of intense scrubs or moisturizers, Activities that warm and moisturize the skin (tanning beds, dryers, saunas, hot tubs), Intense exercise. Before receiving your vampire facial treatment, you should avoid blood thinners for at least a few days before your appointment. Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and Advil should be avoided. This will ensure that the blood used on the face produces the best results.

Apart from that, you can carry out your daily skin routine as normal. Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is often referred to as a “vampire facial,” not because it makes the patient pale and bright in the twilight light, but because it uses the patient's own blood. The vampire facial is not recommended for patients who have blood-related disorders, anemia, or cancer of the blood or bone. In addition, the effects of the treatment can last 10 to 12 months if you carefully follow the care after the Vampire facial treatment.

In addition, since tissues absorb PRP, briefly limiting its activities and avoiding strong pressure on the face help retain fluid in place for as long as possible. Taking proper aftercare after the Vampire facial treatment is essential to protecting your skin from possible infections and ensuring that you get the best treatment results. If you want to look stunning at any age, treat yourself to a vampire facial by award-winning Los Angeles skincare experts at BHSkin Dermatology. The results of a vampire facial treatment can last up to a year, and sometimes longer, in certain cases.

Despite what you've heard, this vampire facial can also be performed on other areas besides the face.

Prp facial

injection, popularly known as the “vampire facial”, is a natural but effective way to restore your youthful appearance. Once you're ready to go home, your doctor will explain the aftercare for the Vampire facial treatment to help you get the best treatment results. Once you are ready to go home, the doctor will explain the aftercare of the vampire face to you so that you get the best treatment results.

The effect of PRP treatment can last for 10 to 12 months if you follow Vampire facial care carefully. If you like to keep up to date with the latest celebrity beauty tips and secrets, you've probably heard enough about Kim Kardashian and her vampire facial.

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