Is Vampire Facial Painful? A Comprehensive Guide

Ever since Kim Kardashian was seen entering a spa with her best friend Jonathan Cheban to get the procedure worthy of a snap, the world of influencers and everyday beauty lovers have been abuzz with questions about the mysterious vampire facial. So I made an appointment to sit down with Dr. Marina Peredo at Skinfluence in New York City to get the 4-1-1 on all things bloody and beautiful. Peredo explained that a vampire facial treatment, also known as a blood facial or PRP facial, involves drawing blood from a patient's arm and using a centrifuge to separate platelets and plasma from red blood cells.

From there, Dermapen, microneedles, infuses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the skin that stimulates collagen and elastin fibers to promote cell renewal and achieve a brighter complexion through a series of thousands of small punctures. Before jumping on the chair for my vampire facial, I wanted to know more about compatibility, cost and care. Peredo, I learned that since it is impossible to be allergic to one's own blood, unlike many popular cosmetic treatments, vampire facial treatment is suitable for almost all women, regardless of age or skin type. When I arrived at Skinfluence, I was greeted by Dr.

Peredo and his nurse, Joanne Shellock, LPN. When I settled into the dentist-type chair (something I didn't like at all, given my hatred of the dentist's office, although not for dentists in general), they began to give me a summary of what was about to happen. As they rolled up my sleeves to check my veins for blood, I was told, once again, how beneficial this treatment can be for women of all ages.However, they noted that at the ripe old age of 25, with few wrinkles in sight, I may not see the same amazing results as my more mature counterparts. In any case, I was ready to see what this vampire facial was about.

First of all, Kim, as much as we love her (or hate to love her, or whatever), is dramatic AF. At no time during treatment was I forced to whine and cry in pain.Sure, there were more notable moments, when the Dermapen brushed the area of my forehead just above my eyebrows to the hairline, where it seemed like my scalp was being pulled out, but because it was so brief, my pain receptors didn't even have a chance to cause tears or, more surprisingly, blood. Getting a vampire facial only to see a few drops of blood on the apples of my cheeks, the area surrounding my nostrils and where Dermapen abruptly burst a particularly stubborn menstrual pimple on my chin was disappointing.Not that I'm a super bloody human but I love a little bit of My Favorite Murder and the idea of going under the pen to come out just as bloody (and beautiful) as her real Kim. But do you know what wasn't disappointing? The results of the third day.While the hours immediately following the one-hour appointment were characterized by an unsightly red ultra-swollen complexion (which was actually exacerbated by the fact that I have sensitive skin), with the help of an even layer of Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar (the Dr.

Peredo told me to use it for next week), for the second day I looked like I had a discreet sunburn and on the third day my skin looked radiant and fresh.Then she starts looking for it on my forehead she says it's usually the most painful thing since that's where your skin is thinnest. I am quite surprised that the sensation is not more intense although I do feel some discomfort as if there was an unpleasant thing of metal sandpaper going over my head. It gets a lot easier after this as she proceeds to run it over my cheeks chin and nose. In reality it's just a slight feeling that something is penetrating my skin.

I think I said oh just once when she microneedles my jaw (it will hurt in places where the numbing cream was lost says nurse Gigi). And while the vampire facial may sound very strange and strange it doesn't feel that way when you do it.Peredo explained that while the skin tightens after a single vampire facial the more frequently you undergo Dermapen (as in once a month) the better your results will be. To begin the PRP facial treatment Nurse Gigi smears my face with medical strength numbing cream the moment I walk in. The PRP facial treatment involves drawing blood and then centrifuging it to isolate the plasma from red and white blood cells.

Halloween is just around the corner so it seemed like the perfect time to try on a damn vampire facial. Vampire facial treatment involves drawing blood separating platelets in a centrifuge and then injecting that plasma rich in growth factors into the face with a microneedle tool to ideally help generate collagen. Before jumping on the chair for my vampire facial I wanted to know more about compatibility cost and care. Despite the fear of crying ugly or permanently disturbing my already sensitive skin as with most beauty trends I knew I had to try this facial.

Peredo advised that since vampire facials insert tiny needles into the skin creating pathways for PRP to dive deep into your pores for truly transformative results you should stay away from anything else that could seep into that sacred space and irritate you. As a result skin spas and dermatologist offices like Skinfluence have received more requests for PRP facials than ever before (just make sure you arrive at a reputable and reputable location - this is not where you want to reduce costs).

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