How Many Treatments Do You Need for a Vampire Facial?

Vampire Facial is an innovative way to rejuvenate the skin using your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Generally, you only need one vampire facial a year. However, some patients may need maintenance earlier than 6-9 months. Some practices may suggest 1 treatment per month for the first 3 months to get a better long-term effect, but this is usually exaggerated.

The effects of PRP do not take effect until 6-8 weeks, so it is best to wait as long as possible to allow new skin and tissue affected by PRP to return. After the initial treatment, the results will only get better. If you need treatment before 1 year, that's fine too. People who receive consistent PRP facials will notice that the frequency between treatments will begin to space out.

Normally, results can be seen one month after treatment and continue to progress after the procedure. As it is a treatment that falls within the natural process of repairing with a person's body, it takes some time to incite the rejuvenation process that gradually accelerates. Excluding some rare scenarios where there are serious problems, the effects are seen within 30 days. Unless the required changes are very significant, only one treatment will show effective results.It is recommended to wait 3 months for further treatment.

If the treatment is effective and genuine, results will last around 18 months depending on skin care, lifestyle, and skin nature. It is suggested to have 1 maintenance treatment session between 18 and 36 months so that there is no difference in results.Vampire Facial is a painless, minimal downtime treatment that uses medical microneedles to deliver PRP directly to the skin. Dermarolling is a much gentler treatment than a vampire facial that can be achieved at home (bloodless) with a needle covered roller.If you want a younger look but don't like the idea of plastic surgery, vampire facelift treatment may be the answer. As it must still be performed by a trained medical professional who has the correct equipment and who has been certified to perform the procedure, it is important to ensure you are in the hands of a doctor you trust.The side effects of a vampire facial treatment are usually low, provided it is performed by an experienced doctor or provider who knows about PRP treatments.

But first, a quick summary for anyone looking to freshen up: Vampire Facial is a painless, minimal downtime treatment that uses medical microneedles to deliver platelet-rich plasma (PRP) directly to the skin.

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